Crew Management

To reach the top is easy, but it is more difficult to stay there. So, in REKNAV, we take care of small details. In this regard, we choose our crew carefully to be always one of the elites. Recruitment of personnel to qualified positions is often a time-consuming task for Seafarers. Our job is to provide the expert help during the entire recruitment and assessment process.

We add momentum for our clients by taking care of vital parts of the process and we also add quality and objectivity in the final selection based on our vast experience and expertise in personnel assessment.

Our participation can range from help with formulating job and applicant profiles through assistance with all matters concerning advertising, to psychological assessment and in-depth presentation of final candidates.

Marine Profile can furthermore save clients’ time and effort by taking responsibility for administration and compilation of application documents, preliminary evaluation, ranking, listing and presentation of candidates, as well as for maintaining contact with and supplying information to them.

We at REKNAV Provide the following services:


  • Recruitment and Selection

  • Crew Administration and Management

  • Crew Travel

  • Crew Support

  • Accounting and Payroll Services