To be the shipping company of choice, recognized for its people, its performance. We are committed to maintain high ethical standards.








   Reknav management co., ltd is a privately owned shipping company established in 2017. Specialized in the maritime business in every form , in particular management , chartering , crewing and shipping we believe that integrity, honesty and professionalism that form the basis for long term growth and development.

   Therefore we have built our strategy for the next years to invest in our competence staff to provide our clients with first class rate supported by wealth of knowledge and experience.
Expanding our fleet trough time with selective acquisition of modern vessels & scope of related shipping services up to customers expectations, satisfaction and market challenge,
To stay on top is remarkable than reaching the top, but our goal is to keep growing endlessly.

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We carry your trust.

With a global network and advanced logistics solutions, our freight services provide.

Our Capabilities

Tons of Goods

Urea, Rock Phosphate, Silica Sand, Timber, Steel, pipes, Electro-Mechanical Equipment, grains, sun flower seeds, sugar beet pellets.

Covered Ports

Mediterranean, Black Sea, Red Sea, Pacific.


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